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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1Is Lecoq Cuisine a French or an American company?

  • It is an American company, based in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

2Are your products kosher?

  • Not at the moment, but will be shortly.

3How was the croissant created?

  • In 1683, when Ottoman troops were besieging Vienna, the early-rising bakers heard the troops tunneling into the city and sounded the alarm.  To honor the eventual victory, the bakers created a pastry in the shape of the crescent that decorated the Ottoman flag.

4How many products are in the Lecoq Cuisine line?

  • Currently, we have 65 SKUs, but our line is constantly growing with innovative products, both sweet and savory.

5Once baked, what is the shelf life of a Lecoq Cuisine product?

  • All products are best consumed within 24 hours.

5Do any Lecoq Cuisine pastries contain trans-fats?

  • Absolutely not!

6Where are the products manufactured?

  • In our Bridgeport, Connecticut plant by our skilled team members.

7What does proof and bake mean?

  • The customer gives the final period of fermentation in a controlled environment (proofing) that is necessary for the adequate rise, shaping, and product development (taste) of a yeast-based product before baking.

8How do I a find a distributor in my area?

  • Through Lecoq Cuisine Customer Service.

9How can I become a customer?

  • Contact Lecoq Cuisine Customer Service for requirements.

10Do you have a minimum wholesale order?

  • No, we always work to accommodate the needs of the individual customer.

11Do baking times vary?

  • Yes, dependent upon oven type, heat accuracy and retention.